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Reader Mode Chrome

Read web pages in a clutter-free format by removing ads, header, sidebars and more

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- Magictool AI is revolutionizing the way users view web pages with its innovative reader mode feature.

- Magictool AI helps users eliminate distractions on web pages so they can focus on reading.

- The reader mode feature removes ads, headers, sidebars, and pop-ups, creating a clutter-free reading experience.

- Users can customize their reading experience by adjusting font size and color scheme to suit their preferences.

- Magictool AI's reader mode is perfect for those who want a distraction-free reading environment.

- Whether you're reading articles, blog posts, or research papers, Magictool AI's reader mode makes it easier to focus on the content.

- In addition to reader mode, Magictool AI offers a writing copilot feature to help users write faster and better.

- The writing copilot feature helps users explain texts, check grammar, and improve their writing with AI assistance.

- Say goodbye to cluttered web pages and hello to a seamless reading experience with Magictool AI's reader mode.

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